Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hello everyone,
Design Dollies opening their blog today. I'm so excited. Karmyn, Adina and Kristy are all going to be posting challenges each week. That's sure to be 3 great challenge a week. You know those girls are going to push us to our scrappy limits and MAKE us think outside of the box. Can't wait!!!
They have posted some blog candy for their launch. Have a lookie...

For a chance to win the candy they have posted a quiz. I thought I had been out of school for ohhh about 19 years now but here I am taking a test. =)


Leah the Orange said...

your answers are all correct, but hunneh, if you post them as a comment on our blog, that's the best way for nobody to see, 'cuz we'll keep the comments hidden! LOL! :)

you rock!

Leah the Orange said...


you got it. i've gotcha down for the entries, luv! xo

Leah the Orange said...

believe me, C, i was tempted! but orange isn't typically a crafter's best friend, and i didn't want to scare anyone away! :)

besides, halloween's coming! *hint, wink, nudge*